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Youth Group

Our youth group meets Sept - May the first Wednesday of every month from 6pm to 7:30. During this time we have a few fun activities, devotions and a meal. New kids are always welcome. Our youth group is open to the community, so anyone can join, even if you are part of another church, or not part of a church at all. 

Our youth group has accomplished a lot. We have done many fundraisers to get to the NYE(National Youth Event) down in Disney World. We go to camp, jump parks, corn mazes and on trips!  Some of our fundraisers consisted of wreath making, can collecting and pancake breakfasts.

During the year our youth group does many fun things, some include going to Jump America, youth lock-ins, 30 hour famine and going to other cities to do a little bit of community service and much more.

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