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Senior StockBox Food Program Site

Do you qualify for FREE food?

Are you:

60 years of age or older? A resident of Wisconsin? Is your monthly household income less than? $1,287 for a household of one -or- $1,736 for a household of two -or- (*add $451 for each additional person in the household)

If so, you are entitled to a 35 pound box of food each month.

A stockbox contains: 1 lb. of cheese 2 cans of fruit 4 cans of vegetables 2 containers of juice

2 boxes of cereal 1 canned meat 1 jar of peanut butter 1 rice or pasta

1 dried and/or 2 boxes of UHT milk

If you qualify for a free box of food, call Patti at Volunteer Connection

262-723-5383 to sign up and learn of the nearest stockbox pickup location and date in Walworth County.

2017 PICKUP DATES: January 12 February 16 March 16

April 13 May 11 June 15

July 13 August 17 September 14

October 12 November 16 December 14

WHERE? UCC Church – 624 Park Street (Park & Freeman Streets) between 11 and noon

If you do NOT want to receive a month’s stock box please call Volunteer Connection

723-5383 two days prior to pickup date.

When you sign up, each month we will automatically have a box waiting for you. If you do not wish to receive a box one month, you must call us at least two days in advance of the pickup date to let us know. If you do not show up to retrieve your box, and do not call us to cancel, we will automatically remove you from our list.

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