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Opportunities in India

A simple browse through a magazine created an opportunity to fill a suitcase with school supplies for children in India. “Pack With A Purpose” gives anyone information about needs in whatever country they are traveling to. The generosity of the congregation was so abundant that a bigger suitcase was needed to carry all of the donations to a drop off point in New Delhi plus a $350 gift card to be used for additional purchases.

A simple request for directions created the opportunity to get better acquainted with a local family in Dharamsala. A dinner invitation was extended and we accepted -- from those with so little offering much of what they had. Try to tell people that you are not rich when you’ve traveled halfway around the world, you have a house, you have a car while they live in a rented concrete room with no electricity. What a delight to give a little girl her first paper and pen and watch her discover what could happen. Before we left that evening, we had promised the father that his daughter would be educated. It was the least we could do. As my son told me later -- “It was $10 a week or a lifetime of poverty. It was a no-brainer.”

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